Bohemian rhapsody

Bohemian rhapsody


Ils sont donc là et bien là. Je suis maintenant persuadé que nous allons les avoir aussi longtemps qu'en 2010/2011. J'ai fait quelques rues dans Reykjavík, et j'en ai compté aux alentours de 120, le plus gros groupe étant de 70-80 individus. Dès que le soleil sera au rendez-vous, j'espère vous en présenter de plus belles photos, car c'est vraiment un oiseau magnifique. Pour l'heure, les photos sont un peu sombres.


There are here, yes they are, and in good numbers. I'm quite sure we are facing the same situation as during the winter 2010/2011, during which we got a massive invasion. I did some streets in Reykjavík and counted up to 120 of them, the biggest group being of 70-80. I hope we will have to sunny days soon so that I can present you better pictures of this magnificent bird. For now, the pictures are a bit dark ;-)


Jaseur boréal - Bohemian waxwing

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#12 Jma 2012-11-10 20:20 Trop facile le titre ! Le portrait de la dernière est splendide !

#11 Lowell 2012-11-09 15:01 This is too much, Chris! You've got hundreds of these gorgeous birds and I've never seen one! Send a few down Florida way, OK?

Re your question on Florida Fotos: We didn't stay at that B&B; we were just bumming around town. It's a couple of hours from where we live and a nice place to visit with many interesting shops and restaurants.
#10 Kelly 2012-11-09 13:32 Chris, your waxwing photos are always amazing. I hope it is a stellar year for you because we will get to see lots of beautiful photos of them!!
#9 holdingmoments 2012-11-09 10:23 Superb shots Chris.
We are starting to get a few here now, but not where I am just yet.
#8 Philippe Bullot 2012-11-09 07:36 Je comprends ton engouement, c'est un oiseau magnifique!
#7 PascalXLD 2012-11-09 06:16 Quelles belles couleurs autour du bec

Bonne journée
#6 Mona 2012-11-09 01:02 Oh, nice shots, Chris! They're such a beautiful bird.
#5 Bob 2012-11-08 22:29 There are Waxwing over here, but, I am sure their coming here. But you have got them, beautiful photos.
#4 grace st laurent 2012-11-08 21:04 Hi Chris...How much better can they get Sweetie, these could walk right out of the computer screen :D !! They are fabuolous!!
You are some excited aren't you, right in your glory !! I love it !!Try this link and you will be super excited ,and jealous ;-) !!
If the link doesn't work go on mine and find him on my sidebar!!! His is a white one :-)

#3 Chrisp 2012-11-08 20:41 @ Warren: I'll try that as hard as possible mate. We do, indeed have a northern wind, so you might get some.

@ Wendy: Thanks a lot.
#2 warren baker 2012-11-08 19:07 Send them south Chris..................please! :lol:
#1 WendyN 2012-11-08 17:27 Awesome! Love the first photo showing a flock in the treetop and the last one...Great job Chris!!